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Lysis Beads

Choosing the right bead (and sometimes bead combination) for your application is a critical step in obtaining high yields from a precious sample.  BioSpec Products offers a wide range of different bead types and sizes. We can provide specific information to aid you in your selection.

Lysis Bead Guidelines

CLICK HERE for detailed information on...

  • Selecting the correct beads for cell disruption

  • Bead properties

  • Other applications for beads

  • Cleaning beads

  • Useful user commentary

  • Ways to load beads in vials

  • and more

To order, select a bead type below...

Plastic Mixing Beads

Polystyrene beads, 6 mm diameter, density 1.1 g/ml and 1.8 g/ml.  Sold in bottle containing approximately 1000 count.  The spherical beads are used to enhance the mixing or stirring of solutions placed on slow rpm shakers, rotators, or rocking lab equipment. The stirring action is gentle, with minimal shearing forces. 

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Tiny Teardrops™ Aluminum Beads

Tiny Teardrops™ Aluminum Beads

A replacement thermal-conductive media for water baths and aluminum heat blocks.

Sold by volume (1 liter).

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