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Bead Loaders

Loading deep well microplates or microvials with beads one well at a time is a tedious process.  Consequently, some users of high throughput 96-well microplate beadbeaters (like our MiniBeadbeater-96) have turned to buying microplates or microvials pre-loaded with beads.

Purchase a bead loader.  Recover the purchase cost (relative to the cost of commercial pre-loaded microplates or microvials) by filling as few as three microplates!  BioSpec offers three different bead loaders designed to load beads into 96 deep-well microplates or microvials.  The loaders vary in loading mechanics, speed of loading, and and purchase cost.

"Fill and Flip" Microplate Bead Loader

The Manual 96-well, Deep Well Microplate Loader is very simple to use.  The wells of a one ml 96-well microplate are filled to the top with beads (the 'donor' plate).  A 'receiving' one or two ml deep well microplate is positioned, up-side-down, over the filled microplate and the pair is manually inverted.  The two well microplate is now loaded with exactly one ml of beads in each well.  To facilitate this "fill and flip" method, a stainless steel frame is used to assure accurate positioning of the 'donor' microplate to the 'receiving' microplate.  Also included is a unique tray designed to catch and recover excess beads, a spatula, a 0.3 ml 'donor' microplate and a one ml 'donor' microplate.

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"Suction" Microplate Bead Loader

Of the three bead loaders we offer the Suction-type 96-well, deep well Microplate Bead Loader is the fastest.  Beads are loaded into 96 deep well microplates at a rate of about 10 microplates per minute.  It is limited to loading spherical glass or ceramic beads only (i.e., not irregularly shaped particles or steel beads). The loader delivers a 0.4 ml load of beads to each well and is compatible with all 96-well, deep well microplates. Included is a 96-nozzle loading manifold, a hand held 110 VAC electrical suction unit and an on/off foot switch.

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