DuelingSyringes Tissue Disperser

The DUELING SYRINGES Soft Tissue Disperser is a low-shear method used to recover intact, viable cells or as the initial step in the isolation of high-quality intracellular organelles.  The disperser consists of a pair of 1 ml syringes connected together via their Luer connections.  One of the syringes contains an embedded 500 micron stainless steel screen.  Tissue is loaded into the syringe and forced back and forth through the screen by alternate manual pushing of syringe plungers.  Compared to the classic syringe-needle-syringe method of tissue dispersion, the DUELING SYRINGES method is faster and more gentle in processing small samples of soft tissue.  Less pushing effort is required and the number of multiple passes from one syringe to the other is less.

Operating Instructions

Two syringes are used in this device:  Up to 100 mg of soft tissue (e.g., muscle, liver, brain) can be inserted into the “sample syringe” -- the one containing the stainless steel screen embedded in the barrel.

1) Remove the “sample syringe” plunger and insert the tissue sample into the barrel.

2) Reinserted its plunger and lightly push the plunger down the barrel of the syringe, thus excluding most of the air inside the syringe.

3) Fill the “receiving syringe” with 0.3 to 1 ml of "dispersion media" and connect the two syringes together via the white, female-female Luer connector.

4) Start by pushing all the dispersion media into the “sample syringe”.  Then push everything back into the “receiving syringe”. If pushing resistance builds up, reverse the flow direction, even if the plunger has not traveled its full distance.  Continue to push back and forth 4-6 times until all that is left inside the “sample syringe” is a small amount of off-white-colored connective material.  Depending on the type of tissue, passage through the screen may need to be terminated when pushing resistance increases to an unacceptable level.

5) Remove the “receiving syringe” from the Luer connector and dispense the cell suspension for plating or other processing.


Cleaning connective material embedded in the screen is difficult and uncertain.  The syringe pair is intended for one-time use (a disposable).  Reordering information: BioSpec Products, DuelingSyringes Tissue Disperser, Prod. No. 116.