Instructions For Use

The MicroCryoCrusher consists of a body (or NUT) and two screw plungers, one longer than the other.  It come assembled.

  1. Pre-cool the assembled MicroCryoCrusher in liquid nitrogen: Do this by slowly pouring liq. N2 onto the assembled nut and plungers until the liquid stops flashing (evaporating) off the metal parts.  Remove the long screw plunger, leaving the short screw plunger in the NUT.  (Caution: Use non-wetable, insulated gloves. Very cold metal parts can inflict skin burns).
  2. Insert an appropriately sized pre-frozen sample into the open end.  (Fresh tissue will stick to the cold metal and cannot be easily inserted into the MicroCryoCrusher).  The long screw plunger is screwed back into the NUT and the whole unit is cooled again with liquid nitrogen.
  3. Hand-tighten the two screw plungers to compact and crush the tissue sample.  Do not use tools to tighten.
  4. Remove the short screw plunger (marked with a yellow spot) and tap out the pulverized tissue.  If tissue remains in the body, completely screw down the long screw plunger and it will expel the tissue.
  5. Powdered tissue thaws rapidly, so proceed to the next step of homogenization or extraction quickly.
  6. Clean the MicroCryoCrusher using laboratory detergent and air or oven dry.  Do not leave biological material in contact with the stainless steel for long periods as it will corrode the surface of the MicroCryoCrusher.