Cell Disrupters: A Review

A review covering apparatus and techniques of cell disruption

Commercial Nucleic Acid Isolation Kits

Many suppliers use classical, published extraction reagents, Phenol/chloroform or Guanidinium-SCN, for example. As far as we know, these kit suppliers provide kits that function well with our MiniBeadbeater™ cell disrupters.

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Selected Applications Using the Mini-Beadbeater

Extraction from Soil & Wastes, Virus & Spores, Invertebrates, Hair, Pathogens in Plant & Animal Tissue

Shopping for a High Capacity Cell Disrupter?

To date, there are six high-throughput, bead mill, cell disrupters on the market capable of high energy shaking of 96-well microplates.

Tissue Pulverizers, Dispersers and Grinders

These lab tools pulverize or disperse fresh or frozen tissue samples (<10g, wet weight) to the size of grains of sand or smaller.