Semi-Continuous Tissue Disperser

The Semi-Continous Tissue Disperser delivers a high-quality homogenate of almost any plant or animal material.  Kilogram quantities of material can be processed in minutes in either batch- or semi-continuous mode.  Operates at room temperature or in a cold room.

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A modified, top-of-the-line domestic waste disposer that has been
modified to sit operate top of the lab bench - ready to be plugged into a
110 volt power socket. Closed-loop plumbing has been installed on the
basic unit to permit recycling the tissue sample contents.

Waste disposers are a sub-group of rotor-stator type homogenizers.  A rapidly rotating platform turning at high speed (the "rotor") forces biomaterial through a non-moving stainless steel sleeve containing an array of slits or holes (the "stator") where it is sheared and cut into tiny pieces.  While a standard waste disposer process biomaterial in a single pass through the disposer's elements, BioSpec has greatly improved the homogenization process by the addition of an external recycling loop on the machine and a large stainless steel receiving container.

Unlike most lab homogenizers, the Semi-Continous Tissue Disperser requires little sample preparation, such as cutting, chopping or trimming, prior to homogenization and can quickly homogenize kilogram quantities of tissue in less than a minute.  The unit handles almost any kind of soft or flexible biomaterial - even homogenizing an intact mouse, bones and all!

  • Specifications :

    • 34.6 oz. chamber with stainless steel grind components.
    • 3/4 Horsepower induction motor; Power cord and on/off switch included.
    • Recycle loop with adjustable ball valve allows fractional or complete recycling of homogenate for complete homogenization.
    • Advanced sound insulation and anti-vibration components.
    • 110VAC, 60 Hz
    • Working volume in semi-continous mode: 0.1 - 1 0 kg tissue pieces suspended in 2-10 X volume of water or extraction buffer.  Not compatible with most organic solvents. 
    • Cleaned with common automatic dishwasher detergent, 0.1 N NaOH or a 1 to 10 dilution of household bleach.  Rinse well with water afterward.


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