The Tissue-Tearor is a rotor/stator type tissue homogenizer which rapidly homogenizes, disrupts, and emulsifies plant and animal samples in 0.5 - 1000 ml of liquid.  The Tissue-Tearor comes complete with a high-speed, variable-speed electric motor, one probe of your choice, and a plastic storage stand. All probes are interchangeable with the Tissue-Tearor motor.  The Tissue-Tearor with the 14 mm diameter probe does not have a plastic storage stand.

If you need a 230 volt unit, select models that with model numbers ending in EUR.  Away from an electrical outlet?  For a cordless motor option select models that end in CL.

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Complete homogenization of tissues (muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is achieved in ten to thirty seconds. Unlike homogenizers using different methodologies, essentially no heat is produced during homogenization.

Rotor/stator homogenizers do not efficiently disrupt microorganisms. This "limitation" can be exploited if the goal is to homogenize or disperse tissue samples (or soil or waste samples) in order to recover viable bacteria or viruses for further analysis.

For numerous samples, the Tissue-Tearor is easily mounted on a stand with an adjustable clamp.

Catalog Number Practical Working Range (ml) Probe Diameter (mm) Probe Length (cm)
985370-04 0.2-5.0 4.5 4.8
985370-07 0.5-50 7 8.3
985370-14 5.0-1000 14 13.2
985370-XL 0.5-50 7 10.9

* Dimensions taken from stator.


  • Features :

    • Use for tissue cell disruption, emulsification and extreme mixing
    • Practical answer for small samples of 10 mg to a few grams
    • Easy to hold and lightweight for one-hand operation. Can also be stand-mounted
    • Inert to aggressive solutions.  Stainless steel probe easily cleaned when processing multiple samples
    • All probes are interchangeable and can be easily removed for autoclaving
    • Extremely high speed 32,000 rpm motor with variable speed control


  • Specifications :

    • Extremely high speed: 32,000 rpm motor with variable speed control
    • Sample Volume Range: 0.2 to 1000 ml, depending on the probe selected
    • Universal Motor: 110-120 volt, AC, 1.2 amp.  Or, for some overseas applications, 230 volt, AC
    • Probes: Type 316 stainless steel with fluorocarbon bushings
    • Weight: Approximately 1/2 Kg 
  • Other Info :

    AWAY FROM ELECTRICAL LINES? Consider the model 780CL Cordless Tissue-Tearor.  The purchase includes a cordless (i.e., battery operated), high speed motor, one probe of your choice, a rechargeable 9.6 volt Lithium battery pack and a plug-in battery charger. The maximum speed of the 780CL is slightly slower than the line-operated TissueTearor (25,000 vs 35,000 rpm).  However, 25,000 rpm is quite adequate for homogenizing soft tissue like muscle, liver, or brain.  The price for the 780CL Tissue-Tearor is the same as the line powered 985370 series.  To order a Cordless Tissue-Tearor, combine the 780CL model number with the probe of your choice using the above table (example: 780CL-07).

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS.  See http://www.biospec.com/instructions/tissue_tearor/.


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