Zirconia/Silica Beads

Zirconia/Silica lysis beads.  50% more dense than glass beads.  Beads are sold in one pound bottles.  Pre-loaded 2ml vials also available. Contact us for details.

  • Cat. No. 11079101z - 0.1mm dia
  • Cat. No. 11079105z - 0.5mm dia
  • Cat. No. 11079110z - 1.0mm dia
  • Cat. No. 11079125z - 2.3mm dia
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Zirconia/Silica beads have a density of 3.7g/cc (50% more dense than glass) making these a good choice for spores and most tougher tissues.  Listed bead sizes are median (average) values.  Because beads are sorted by sieves, bead size varies between +/-10% of a listed value.

We also offer PRELOADED beads in 2ml screw cap vials. Let us know what you need at info@biospec.com and we will give you a price quote.


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