Zirconia Beads

Zirconia beads, our most dense ceramic bead, has a density twice that of regular glass beads. Sold in one pound bottles.  Pre-loaded 2ml vials also available. Contact us for details.

Cat. No. 11079107zx - 0.7 mm dia
Cat. No. 11079110zx - 1.0 mm dia
Cat. No. 11079124zx - 2.0 mm dia

ZXY Series - Yttria Stabilized 

Cat. No. 11079105zxy - 0.5 mm dia
Cat. No. 11079110zxy - 1.0 mm dia
Cat. No. 11079123zxy - 2.3 mm dia

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Our Zirconia beads are great for tough tissues.  Our ZX series has a density of 5.5 g/cc.

Our ZXY series offer better performance than our original ZX line  These beads are Yttria stabilized and feature an increased density of 6.0 g/cc.  The higher density yields improved wear characteristics than the regular Zirconia beads.  This higher density also provides a good alternative to stainless and chrome steel beads in applications where steel beads are not an option.

  • Listed bead sizes are median (average) values.  Because beads are sorted by sieves, bead size varies between +/-10% of a listed value.

We also offer PRELOADED beads in 2ml screw cap vials.  Let us know what you need at info@biospec.com and we will give you a price quote.


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