"Fill and Flip" Microplate Bead Loader

The Fill and Flip Microplate Loader is simple to use and much faster than adding beads, one well at a time, to 96-well microplates.  This loader handles a variety of loading needs including both spherical and irregular shaped bead media.  Providing they are pourable, even dry, seeds, milled agricultural products, resins, and powdered solid chemicals can also be loaded.

The Microplate Bead Loader Kit consists of a bead loading platform and spatula, two different-sized s.s frames, one 0.3 ml "96-well measuring microplate" and one 1 ml "96-well measuring" microplate.

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The "Fill & Flip" Microplate Bead Loader transfers, in one manual motion, 0.3 or 1 ml cc of beads into a user-provided 96-deep-well microplate.  The Kit's 96 well "measuring" microplate is pre-loaded to the top with beads and a "receiving" deep well microplate is placed, up-side-down, on the "loading" plate.  A stainless steel frame is used to precisely align the stacked microplates. The paired plates are inverted and a precise quantity of beads falls into each of the 96-wells of the user-provided "receiving" microplate.  The "Fill & Flip" Microplate Bead Loader is suitable for bead sizes from 0.1 mm diameter to 6 mm diameter and can transfer most irregularly shaped media as well.

How it works..

1) Using the provided bead loading tray, pour the beads out of its bottle into a 96-well microplate (the 'measuring' microplate)   Level the beads with the spatula until all wells are evenly filled to the top.

2) Place a selected tight-fitting, stainless steel frame over the loaded 'measuring' microplate.

3) Insert into the frame, up-side-down, the user-provided 96-well deep-well "receiving" microplate.  The surfaces of the two plates must contact each other.

4) Transfer the beads by manually inverting the pair of microplates.


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