Cryo-Cup Grinder

The Cryo-Cup™ Grinder is an insulated mortar and pestle specifically designed to pulverize and grind frozen plant and animal tissue samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures.  It gives superior results compared to conventional ceramic mortar-pestles.

Cat. No. 206, Cryo-cup™ Grinder, complete. Includes two different size polypropylene pestle balls. See below for extra cups (mortars) and pestle balls.

Cat. No. 206C, Extra s.s. mortar with insulated mortar. (Pestle not included)
Cat. No. 206PP138, Polypropylene pestle ball, 1  3/8 inch dia.
Cat. No. 206PP178, Polypropylene pestle ball, 1  7/8 inch dia.
Cat. No. 206SS138, Stainless steel pestle ball, 1  3/8 inch dia.
Cat. No. 206SS178, Stainless steel pestle ball, 1  7/8 inch dia.
Cat. No. 206H, Spare insulated pestle handle for use with pestle ball

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The Cryo-Cup Grinder consists of a stainless steel, bowl (or mortar) embedded in a double-walled, insulating cup. Up to 5 grams of hard frozen tissue is placed in the mortar precooled to liquid N2 temperature. Using the special hand-held pestle made of non-heat conducting plastic, tissue is quickly reduced to a powder. Two different sized pestles are provided for a variety of applications.

  • Features :

    • Ideal for extraction of proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids
    • Stainless steel mortar strictly regulates temperature. Once cooled, no further liquid nitrogen is need during grinding
    • Designed for 100mg to 5 grams of fresh tissue
    • Non-porous, stainless steel mortar minimizes sample loss
    • Sterilizable. Easily cleaned. Affordable... stock several to process multiple samples

    See the Cryo-Cup Grinder  protocol at

  • Specifications :

    • Double insulated, polypropylene cup
    • Stainless steel mortar insert (2 3/8' diameter)
    • Includes two polypropylene pestle balls, 1 3/8" and 1 7/8" diameter, and one large pestle handle
    • Solid stainless steel pestle balls are also available (please enquire)
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