50 ml Tube Holder, Solid Aluminum

This tube holder is machined out of a 1.5 lb aluminum block and has the dimensions of a standard 2ml deep well microplate.  It is used with the MiniBeadbeater-96 cell disrupter.  One or two 50 ml screw cap centrifuge tubes are placed completely inside the cold block and the contents shaken in the "wall to wall" direction.  The block can be pre-cooled in a deep freezer, or at cryo-temperatures with dry-ice or liquid nitrogen.

Included with each vial block are 25 sterile, polypropylene 50 ml screw cap tubes.*

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An important accessory for the MiniBeadbeater-96 when temperature control is a concern.*  Typically, a vial filled with beads, sample, and extraction media will warm ~10 degrees per minute of beadbeating.  Our 2 ml vial holder (capacity 48 vials) and 50 ml tube holder (capacity 2 tubes) are machined out of high-heat-conductivity aluminum.  The vial holders are pre-cooled to low temperatures to provide strict maintenance of low sample temperature during the bead beading process.  The cooling efficiency of a close fitting, cold aluminum vial holder is far superior to cold-room air or cold air attachments used by other bead mill cell disruptors.

* Nucleic acid extraction of microorganisms or tissues in the presence of nucleic acid extraction media generally do not require temperature control.



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