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Medium-scale Tissue Extraction Tools

BioSpec has identified several useful tools that can be used for medium-scale protein extraction of plant and animal tissue.  Depending on the particular device, 10 g to 10 kg batches of tissue can be processed.  Because most of these homogenizers and grinders are sold in the domestic marketplace they are relatively low cost compared to equipment marketed exclusively to the scientific community.
Most of these machines are not manufactured by BioSpec.  Some are made by recognized domestic brands (e.g, Hamilton-Beach, GE) while others were discovered in quiet little specialty stores.  Where similar equipment was available from several manufacturers, we compared them side-by-side in our laboratory for best performance.
All of these machines are stocked and available from BioSpec.  Click on links below for specific information.


Tissue Type

Sample Size


MEAT GRINDER Muscle, Organs 0.5-10 kg Course wet grind (e.g., hamburger)
FLOUR MILL Dry, Non-oily Grains/Seeds 0.1-2 liters Very fine, dry powder (e.g., flour)
BLADE BLENDER Soft Plant/Animal 50-500 g Diluted 3-10X w buffer
GRINDER Dry Grains/Seeds/Leaf/Buds 1-10 g Medium dry grind
BEADBEATER Microbial 10-80 g(wet) Diluted 3-10X w buffer
JUICER Soft Fruits/Vegetables 0.5-10 kg Undiluted, clarified plant extract
ROTOR-STATOR Soft Plant/Animal 0.1-1 kg Diluted 3-10X w buffer
TISSUE DISPERSER Soft & Hard Plant/Animal 0.1-10 kg Diluted 2-10X w buffer


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