Polypropylene Microvials - 2 ml and 7 ml

Cat. No. 10831 - 2 ml Sterile vials and caps packaged in insulating foam rack, 100 count
Cat. No. 10832 - 2 ml Non-sterile vials and caps, 500 count in polybag
Cat. No. 522S - 2 ml Sterile vials and caps, 500 count in polybag

Cat. No. 60558 - 7 ml Non-sterile vials and caps, 1000 count in polybag

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Our 2.0 ml, screw cap with o-ring seal, microcentrifuge vials are made of virgin polypropylene and have straight walls with a sharp conical bottom. This vial shape is required for the Mini-Beadbeater-1+ and recommended for the MiniBeadbeater-16, MiniBeadbeater-24 and MiniBeadbeater-96.  Compatible with other brands of bead-mill cell disrupters and available sterile or non-sterile.

For extraction and cell disruption of larger sample volumes we also have 7 ml polypropylene vials.  The vials include screw caps and, when combined with an adapter-16/24 or adapter-96, are respectively used with the Mini-Beadbeater-16, -24, or -96.

Dry-Milling Note:  The current standard polypropylene microvials offered by us or other Providers cannot be used for dry milling (i.e., vials containing a sample, steel beads, and a significant air space) when using our high-energy Mini-Beadbeater series cell disrupters.  During shaking, the steel beads will crack or punch through the vials.  No problem exists using zirconia or glass beads for dry milling or steel beads for wet milling where the air space within the sealed vial is minimized by filling the vial with extraction solution.

Dry milling with steel beads is commonly done at liquid nitrogen temperatures, use our stainless steel microvials equipped with silicone rubber stoppers or our exclusive polypropylene 'XXTuff' 2 ml microvials.  The latter are reinforced in critical areas of the vial and fabricated using a special, high-density polypropylene resin. Tests show that this vial is 10X more resistant to breakage - hence the name 'XXTuff'.


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