Deep Well Micro-plates and Mats

Cat. No. 219030 - 2 ml Deep well Microplate, 50 per case
Cat. No. 219004 - Sealing Mats, 50 per case

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BioSpec Products now features 96-well microplates and sealing mats manufactured in the UK by Porvair Sciences.  When used with our high-energy Mini-BeadBeater-96 cell disrupter these microplates offer the highest level of processing reliability

Our reinforced polypropylene, 2 ml square 96 deep well microplates have extra structural ribbing on their bottom which provides support when used with a high energy shaking bead mill.  Their microplates are made of specially formulated polypropylene and pair with special reusable mats.  The microplates can also be sealed with adhesive-bonded or heat-bonded films, but these films seldom prevent leaking during intense shaking in a Mini-BeadBeater-96.

Recently, BioSpec tested plate/mat combinations made by several manufacturers using steel beads in both wet-grinding and dry-grinding conditions. In one of the more stringent tests, the Porvair microplates and mats maintained structural integrity while powdering dry samples of human hair in the Mini-BeadBeater-96 using two 3.2 mm chrome steel beads in each well.  In contrast, all other microplates tested under severe test grinding conditions cracked during use and some even had holes punched through them.  Independent support for these findings comes from a leading UK contract genomics laboratory.  Testing barley seeds, a notoriously hard carpel to crack, they reported that Porvair deep well microplates successfully survived 4 minutes of beadbeating using a single 6 mm steel bead in another high-speed shaking bead mill of another Brand.

  • Features :

    • Plates are made from virgin polypropylene
    • Mats are made from EVA
    • Tested for low extractables
    • Tight specification levels
    • V-bottom to allow total liquid removal, partial collection and to aid re-suspension
    • No inner edges to allow better collection of magnetic beads
    •  DNase/RNase free
    • Plates are autoclavable
    • Working volume of 2ml
    • Raised well rims to improve heat sealing


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