BioCryo Tissue Grinder

The BioCryo Tissue Grinder is a high-speed blade mill. The tightly sealed, 3/4 cup capacity (~200 ml) grinding chamber has a sealed pour spout for optional addition and removal of extraction liquids added after "dry" grinding.

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The BioCeyo Tissue Grinder (BCTG120) has two distinct applications:

(1) Grinding or shredding dried plant tissue.  This prepares the plant tissue for the efficient extraction of biochemicals in water- and solvent-base solvents.

Depending on the grinding times (5 to 60 seconds), one to ten grams (0.4 oz) of dry plant tissue (examples: cannabis, spices, and seeds) are reduced to a shredded, granular- or powder-like consistency.  After the plant tissue has been shredded or powdered, it can be utilized as is, or optionally, extracted for flavor, aromatic, and bioactive components.  A food-compatible extraction solvent such as water, high-proof vodka (ethanol) or olive oil is added to the grinding chamber via its pour spout and the BCTG is operated for a few additional seconds.

(2) Disruption of fresh tissue and microbial cells in dry ice.  Ideal for the recovery of high molecular weight DNA and other labile intercellular macromolecules.

This process, called cryogrinding, can be applied to a wide range of fresh plant and animal tissues as well as to yeast and fungus. In order to be powdered in the BioCryo Tissue Grinder in the presence of dry-ice the original tissue sample must have a high water content (>70%)** and be hard-frozen. The hard-frozen sample is powdered in seconds and the dry ice is removed by sublimation while storing the mix overnight in a freezer.  Then the residual frozen tissue powder remaining in the BCTG chamber is extracted with cold media for further workup.

Cryogrinding is an excellent way to assure the stabilization of labile intercellular organelles and biochemicals while reducing tissue sample size and is a preferred first step for recovering very large molecular weight DNA from tissues.  There are alternative tools for size reduction by pulverizing hard frozen tissue by impact.  See our BioPulverizer, MicroCryoCrusher, and Cryo-cup Grinder.

** Tougher tissues such as wood, hair, feather, hide, bone, and some seeds may not cryogrind in the BCTG.  However, there are alternative tools for size reduction by pulverizing hard frozen tissue by impact. See BioSpec Products' BioPulverizer, MicroCryoCrusher, and Cryo-cup Grinder.  Please contact us for advice at support.

  • Specifications :

    • Capacity: 1 - 10 g of tissue or packed microbial cells
    • Manual pulsed operation
    • Removable stainless steel polycarbonate grinding chamber
    • Top-shelf dishwasher safe
    • Compact size, L: 5 in, H: 9 in, W: 5 in
    • 120 volts, 60 Hz, 210 watts


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