Two-part Mixer of Viscous Ssupensions

Generally this device is used to mix two components that are too viscous or react too quickly to mix by conventional methods of stirring.  In typical, non-biological applications, these mixing devices are commonly used to mix two-part epoxy glues, quick setting caulks and form-in-place foams.

The kit consists of Duel barrel (2 X 25 ml) polypropylene syringe (50 ml 1:1 cartridge), sealing Piston Caps and a 20-element Static Mixing Nozzel.  Each package contains ten Cartidges, Piston Caps and ten Mixing Nozzles per package.

Designed for single use.  The components are utilized using a standard 50 ml 1:1 ratio, cartidge dispensing gun (sold separately).

How to use: The barrels of an empty duo-cartridge is filled withan equal volumes of high viscosity, often non-pourable, suspension of component A and component B.  Two Piston Caps (Plugs) are inserted in the barrel to seal the components inside the Cartridge. The assembly is inserted into the Dispensing Gun and extruded through the 20-element Mixer Nozzel.


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