Suction-type Deep-well Microplate Loader

The Suction-type 96-well, deep well Microplate Bead Loader is fast.  Beads are delivered into 96 deep well microplates at a rate of ~10 microplates per minute.  The loader is compatible with all 96-well, deep well microplates and comes complete with a 96 nozzle loading manifold, a vacuum unit and foot switch. 

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The Suction-type 96-well Microplate Bead Loader works by vacuuming up 0.4 milliliter of 0.1 to 2.3 mm diameter ceramic beads (glass, zirconia silica or zirconia) into a 96 nozzel manifold where they are retained against stainless steel screens.   While still under suction, the loader is transfered over to a receiving 96-deep-well microplate and the vacuum unit is turned off with a foot switch.  No longer under suction, the beads drop into the receiving plate.  Typically, the process of loading a microplate only takes a few seconds and if additional beads are required per microplate the process is repeated.

 Certain beads are not compatible with this loader: Beads larger than 2.3 mm in diameter are too big to fit in the nozzles, steel beads are too heavy to suck up into the nozzels and irregularly shaped "beads"  such as silicon-carbide particles, granet particles or tungsten-carbide particles get stuck inside the nozzles.  These bead limitations do not exist with our Manual Microplate Bead Loader, but loading rates (number of microplates loaded per minute) are considerably slower.

The Suction-type Microplate Beadloader includes a polycarbonate bead-loading manifold, a hand-held 115V AC vacuum unit, and a foot switch.