SoniBeast - Small Sample Cell Disruptor

Quicker, Simpler, Less Consumables, Smaller Footprint, Affordable

  • Extremely Fast Cell Lysis:  <20 sec
  • Perfect for Small Samples
  • 12 Vial Capacity
  • Simple One Button Operation

The SoniBeast™ is the newest addition to our stable of high-energy BeadBeater cell disruptors. Small samples of tissue or cells are completely disrupted in seconds rather than minutes. It processes up to twelve 0.6 ml locking-cap PCR microtubes, each containing 1-100 mg of tissue, or three 2 ml microvials each containing 10-400 mg of tissue.  The SoniBeast is designed for wet milling in water-based media. Common applications are the isolation of intracellular protein and nucleic acids.

A pack of polypropylene 0.6 ml locking cap PCR tubes is included with the SoniBeast.  Additional Vials should be ordered separately.  Bead size and composition vary with the kind of sample being disrupted.  For guidance on choosing beads see Lysis Beads or call us at 918-336-3363 for advice.

If you plan to power the SoniBeast with 220-240 Volt AC rather than 110-120 Volt AC please select product number "715-12-EUR".

A hand-held, cordless, smaller capacity version of the Sonibeast is available (see below). Designed for samples taken in the field or other locations distant from a diagnostic laboratory, it is powered by a rechargeable battery and is capable of complete homogenization of plant or animal tissues within one or two 2 ml microvials or one 7 ml vial.

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The SoniBeast™* cell disrupter homogenizes both microorganisms and plant and animal tissue using the smashing action of colliding ceramic beads (commonly called beadbeating). It departs from contemporary beadbeater machines by oscillating microtubes at a rate of 20,000 oscilations/min...some 5 to 50 times faster than currently available beadbeater machines!

As expected, cell disruption occurs much faster when beads inside the tubes are moving at extraordinarily high rates.  Disruption is completed in a few seconds rather than minutes.  Faster disruption times favor higher quality and yields of nucleic acids and proteins because all cells in a tissue sample enter into the protection of the extraction media much quicker.  The operation of SoniBeast cell disrupter is simple... the machine is operated by the push of a single button.  There is no required manual clamping of tubes or vials onto the machine and the physical locations of vials remain unchanged from their starting point, thus making the SoniBeast the first high-efficiency bead-mill cell disrupter compatible with some robotic systems.

The SoniBeast's tray capacity is one to twelve 0.6 ml locking-cap PCR microtubes, each containing up to 100 mg of sample.  Closer to the axis of the machine is an inner ring having three positions holding larger 1.5 or 2 ml microvials capable of processing up to 400 mg of tissue. Unlike the outer ring of 0.6 ml microvials, samples in these larger microvials will be lysed under the milder grinding conditions typical of conventional beadbeater protocols.


  • Processes one to twelve 0.6 ml PCR tubes each holding 1-100 mg (wet weight) of tissue or cells at ultra-high shaking energy (typical disruption time 5-20 seconds) or one to three 2 ml screw-cap microvials each holding 10-400 mg (wet weight) tissue or cells at conventional beadbeater shaking energy (typical disruption time 2 minutes).
  • Motor Specifications: 110-120 V~AC, 1.6A, 21,000 rpm
  • Manual pulse or timed operation (0.5, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 60 sec with auto-reset). Activate with the push of a single button.
  • Footprint: 5" wide x 16" deep.  Seven inches high. Weight 11 pounds
  • Two year Total Warranty.  Motor replacement is anticipated with this very high energy machine - especially a with high level of usage.  The SoniBeast is specifically disigned to facilitate fast, easy, on-site change-out.

General Protocol. One to twelve 0.6 ml microtubes are sequentially loaded with beads, tissue sample and extraction media.  After capping, they are inserted into the red silicone rubber grommets in the disc-shaped tube holder.  Unlike all other beadbeaters, inserted tubes do not need to be clamped down..  After selecting a run time (typically 5-20 seconds) the SoniBeast is activated with the touch of a single button.  Seconds later the SoniBeast turns off, the beads fall by gravity to the bottom of the vial, and the lysed tissue sample(s) is ready to transfer by micropipette for subsequent purification and/or analysis.

See for detailed operating instructions.