Mini Leaf Crusher

The hand-held Mini Leaf Crushertm is primarily designed for use in the field or other locations distant from an analytical laboratory.  This modified c-clamp is used in combination with BioSpec DNA** Sample Cardstm.  Plant cells (leaf, stem, roots) are crushed by the clamp at very high pressure and the released cell extract is immediately captured and stabilized on cellulose filter paper within the Sample Card.  Preservative reagents or temperature control are not required for successful transit of the card(s) to the laboratory for subsequent RNA or DNA analysis.

The Mini Leaf Crusher comes with an introductory five-pack of BioSpec DNA Sample Cards.  Additional Sample Cards can be ordered separately (see below).

Mini Leaf Crusher with five BioSpec DNA Sample Cards   Prod. No. MLC320...$ 79.00

Twenty (20) BioSpec DNA Sample Cards   Prod. No. DSC20...$36.00

One hundred (100) BioSpec DNA Sample Cards   Prod. No. DSC100...$160.00

Five-hundred (500) BioSpec DNA Sample Cards   Prod. No. SC500...$700


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Other plant leaf biochemicals, such as RNA and proteins, can also be collected and preserved with the Mini Leaf Crusher and its Sample Card.  The Crusher also works well with adult insects.  Cell walls of most animal tissues, however, are too flexible to be efficiently "crushed".  Without using the Mini Leaf Crusher, DNA Sample Cards can be used to stabilize and transport a single drop of bodily fluids (blood, sputum, urine), liquified suspensions of biological/environmental material (feces, lake mud), processed foods, and animal tissue that has been homogenized by other methods1).

HOW IT WORKS:  A plant leaf is inserted in the BioSpec DNA Sample Cardtm and the loaded Sample Card is magnetically docked between the jaws of the Mini Leaf Crushertm.  Manually tightening the Leaf Crusher generates a crushing force in excess of 1000 lbs/in2 on a quarter-inch diameter of the plant leaf.  The crushed plant cells are totally disrupted and the resultant cell lysate is captured on cellulose filter paper located within the Sample Card.  The leaf is discarded and the Sample Card is folded closed and packaged in a provided zip-lock polybag containing a pouch of desiccant. The sample extract is preserved in a dried and stabilized state, ready for transit to the laboratory for DNA analysis.

On delivery to the lab, the preserved sample spot can be punched out as a 1/4" diameter disk with a Leaf Punch or cut out of the Sample Card's cellulose filter paper in the form of a dipstick and the DNA, RNA or protein of interest eluted in an appropriate extraction medium.  See Zou, PLoS Bio 15 (11), e2003916  for an excellent report on the rapid and efficient recovery of purified DNA preserved on cellulose paper.

The Mini Leaf Crusher crushes plant leaf samples without direct contact with either the plant leaf or the cellulose filter paper inside the DNA Sample card.  It can be used repetitively without the need for decontamination.

1  BioSpec Products manufactures other "field-compatible" homogenizers suitable for lysing cells in "field conditions":..see the Spiralpestle and Microtube Homogenizer and cordless Portable SoniBeast-Jr.  These homogenizers process by wet grinding the sample in extraction media and can be applied to microbial and animal tissue, as well as most types of plant tissue.  A drop of the homogenate produced by these devices is spotted on the BioSpec DNA Sample Card - stabilizing it for transportation to a central laboratory.