Glass Beads

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Glass has a density of 2.5 g/cc and is the most commonly used bead media for "beadbeating."  Beads are sold in one pound bottles with easy pour spouts.  Listed bead sizes are median (average) values.  Because beads are sorted by sieves, bead size varies between +/-10% of a listed value.

Cat. No. 11079101            0.1mm dia
Cat. No. 11079105            0.5mm dia
Cat. No. 11079110            1.0mm dia
Cat. No. 11079127            2.7mm dia
Cat. No. 11079135            3.5mm dia
Cat. No. 11079635            6.4mm dia

Cat. No. 11079SMS          Smartphone Microscope Bead Sample Pack.  See below for details.



We also offer PRELOADED beads in 2ml screw cap vials.  There are too many possible combinations of bead size, bead composition and bead load to consider stocking all prefilled vials, so we do this on a custom basis.  Let us know what you need at and we will give you a price quote.



For those of you working on a smartphone microscope as described by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory we now have a bead sample pack available for you.

Each pack comes with a sample our 0.5, 1.0, and 3.5 mm glass beads.  Each sample contains a smaller amount of beads than our standard one pound bottles.  However there more than enough beads to create almost 150 scopes using the 3.5 mm beads and a few thousand with each of the two smaller sizes.

Please note that our beads are a grinding grade and not precision grade of bead. As they are not precision beads, some will have slight clarity and size irregularities.  As there are hundreds to several thousand beads of each size in the Sample Pack, you will have many to select from to find perfect ones.