Deep Well Micro-plates and Mats

Cat. No. 219030, Porvair Science, 2 ml Deep well Microplate, polypropylene, square well, 50 plates per case
Cat. No. 219004, Porvair Science, Sealing Mats, EVA, square (to fit 219030), 50 mats per case


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MICROPLATES    PORVAIR Sciences 96 well, reinforced polypropylene, 2.1 ml square deep well plates have extra ribbing underneath the plate to support its use in a BeadBeater system.  The microplates are made of specially formulated polypropylene and are designed to work with their matching, reusable mats.

A leading UK contract genomics lab has tested the plates and found that they could survive 4 minutes of bead beating with barley seeds, a notoriously hard carpel to crack, in a high speed shaking bead mill using a 6 mm steel grinding ball.  And powdering samples of human hair with two 3.2 mm chrome steel beads in the MBB-96, BioSpec Products concluded that the performance of Porvair plates far exceeded that of other commercially-available deep well microplates - most of which cracked or even had holes punched in them under high levels of grinding force.

MATS   Microplates can be sealed with flexible polymer mats or adhesive-bonded or heat-bonded films.  Some mats and almost all films do not prevent leaking during intense shaking in the MBB-96. BioSpec has tested many plate/mat combinations and has concluded that Porvair plates and mats stand up to the shaking energies of the Mini-BeadBeater-96 better than all others. If you would like to check the integrity of your currently utilized deep well plates on the MBB-96, give us a call for a simple testing procedure.

To achieve thorough sealing of the mat to the microplate you may want to use a mat roller.