The BioVortexer™ is a battery-powered motor drive designed to rotate stirring rods or plastic pestles in 1.5 ml microtubes.  Rotating at thousands of revolutions per minute, it makes short work of dispersing centrifugal pellets or grinding small tissue samples.

Cat. No. 1083MC, BioVortexer Stirring Kit.  Includes motor, batteries and 100 - 1/8"X3" stirring rods.

Cat. No. 1083, BioVortexer, motor only.  Batteries included.

Cat. No. 183, Additional BioVortexer polypropylene stirring rods, 1/8"X3" (500 count).

Cat. No. 1017MC, BioVortexer Grinding Kit.  Includes motor, batteries, 100 SpiralPestles™ with matching 1.5 ml microvials and sample of SpiralPestle™ Grinding Beads.

Cat. No. 1017, Additional SpiralPestles™ with matching 1.5 ml microvials (100 count) and sample of SpiralPestle™ Grinding Beads.

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The BioVortexer has two distinct applications...

  • A practical alternative to a conventional vortex mixer for mixing and dispersing samples.  Combined with Disposable Polypropylene Stirring Rods (1/8 X 3")*, it rapidly re-suspends precipitates such as pellets of protein or DNA.  The working range is 10-500 mg of powdered or homogenized solids in a media volume of 0.5  to 10 ml.  "Take the BioVortexer to the sample instead of the sample to the vortex mixer".


  • A  low cost device to rapidly homogenizing small samples of soft tissue for extraction of proteins and nucleic acids.  The BioVortexer rotates Disposable Polypropylene SpiralPestles™ at ~9000 rpm in 0.6 or 1.5 ml conical microtubes containing sample, extraction media and a small quantity of glass grinding beads.  Complete cell lysis of soft tissue samples is achieved in seconds.  See SpiralPestle for more information on this new method.
  • Rotates 3" Stirring Rods or Pestles in small tubes or microvials for rapid, efficient mixing or grinding of pellets or soft tissue
  • Roration speed about.9000 rpm
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless:  Uses two standard AA batteries
  • Low cost