The BioVortexer™ is a lightweight, hand held mixer motor drive.  It has two applications:

  • A practical alternative to conventional vortex mixer for mixing and dispersing samples.  Combined with Disposable Stirring Rods (1/8 X 3")*, it rapidly re-suspends precipitates such as protein or DNA pellets.  Working range is 10-500 mg of powdered or homogenized solids in a media volume 0.5  to 10 ml.  "Take the BioVortexer to the samples instead of the samples to the mixer".
  • Combined with smooth surface polyethylene pestles available from numerous suppliers, it homogenizes small amounts of soft tissue inside its matching 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube for the purpose of extracting protein and DNA. And, with a new "Twist", BioSpec Products now offers the SpiralPestle™ and Tube  - specifically for designed for improved performance over conventional smooth surface pestles.

Cat. No. 1083, BioVortexer, batteries included.

Cat. No. 1017MC, "The works!".  The BioVortexer plus 100 stirring rods, 100 of  BioSpec's SpiralPestle™ and 1.5 ml Tube and a jar of glass grinding beads.

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  • Efficient mixing or grinding of pellets or soft tissue
  • Lightweight, Battery powered
  • Used with disposable, Polypropylene Stirring Rods* for mixing  or Pestle and 1,5 ml Tubes* for grinding soft tissue

*Available in quantities of 500 or 100 at, scroll to "BioVortexer".