A lightweight, battery powered mixer. 

Cat. No. 1083MC, BioVortexer, includes 100 2" stirring rods and batteries

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The BioVortexer is a lightweight, battery powered unit designed to be used with microcentrifuge tubes. Centrifugal pellets, precipitates, and other solids are completely dispersed in seconds by a combination of mechanical and vortex action. A new polypropylene stir rod is used with each sample.

A practical alternative to conventional vortex mixer for mixing and dispersing samples, the BioVortexer is faster, less tedious, and safer. Take the BioVortexer to the sample instead of the sample to the mixer.

Disposable stirring rods are used to eliminate cross-contamination from sample to sample. Stirring rods are available:

  • 3' x 1/8', pkg of 500

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  • Efficient, controlled mixing
  • Battery powered, lightweight
  • Safe, comfortable
  • Portable, easy to use
  • Disposable, polypropylene stirring rods

 A New Application for the BioVortexer:   The BioVortexer can be used to disrupt cell or tissue samples using the same protocols used with common lab vortexers or some bead mill shakers. The sample and beads arevigorously stirred in a microvial for 1-3 minutes.  It is an low cost way to disrupt a few samples for protein or nucleic acid isolation and delays equipment expenditures for a high-throughput MiniBeadbeater cell disrupter.