A low cost, versatile high-speed mixer and blender.  Perfect for blade blending in open beakers, jars, and bowls. Swiss-made.

Cat. No. 10810,  BioMixer, 115 volt Includes three mixing attachments, grinding mill, and plastic stand.
Cat. No. 10810EUR, BioMixer, 230 volt Includes three mixing attachments, grinding mill, and plastic stand.

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The BioMixer is a versatile high-speed blender/mixer. Designed for one-hand operation, the BioMixer can be used with any suitable beaker or vessel having at least a 2 inch opening. Three stainless steel attachments allow any combination of mixing, emulsifying, shredding or chopping. A grinding mill attachment is included for dry materials such as seeds, grains, plant fibers, pharmaceutical materials, etc.

  • Working range for liquid mixing: 100ml to 2 liters
  • Universal Motor: AC/DC 115 V, or 230V 50Hz
  • Speed: Two speeds, 7,000 and 10,000 rpm
  • Loading: 85 W (designed for intermittent operation at maximum of 5 minute runs)
  • Insulation: Double insulation, sealed motor
  • Cable: Two-conductor
  • Overall Length: 12 inches
  • Probe Guard Diameter: 2 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound 10 ounces
  • Attachments: chopper, vortex mixer disc, perforated mixer
  • Versatile: Three stainless steel attachments for any combination of mixing, emulsification, shredding, or chopping
  • Practical: Can be used with any suitable vessel anywhere in your laboratory
  • Handy and mobile: Easy to hold or clamp it on a lab ring stand
  • Simple to use: No sample loss due to transfers from a blender vessel. Just hold it in a beaker or other vessel and turn on the switch
  • Easy to clean: Rinse it under a tap
  • High quality: Swiss designed and manufactured. Powerful 10,000 rpm motor. Totally sealed and double insulated for safety
  • Simple operation: Two-postition momentary switch.