BioCryo Tissue Grinder

The Bio/Cryo Tissue Grinder is a high-speed blade mill. The tightly sealed, 3/4 cup (~200 ml) grinding chamber has a sealed pour spout for optional addition and removal of extraction liquids after grinding.

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The BCTG has two distinct applications:

(1) Grinding or shredding dried plant tissue.  Plant tissue is prepared for the efficient extraction of biochemicals.

Up to 10 grams of dry plant tissue such as cannabis, spices, and seeds are reduced to a shredded, granular- or powder-like consistency, depending on grinding times of 5 to 60 seconds.  After the plant tissue has been shredded or powdered, the optional addition of food-compatible liquids such as high proof vodka or olive oil into the grinding chamber followed by brief operation of the BCTG produces an extract of flavor, aromatic or bioactive chemicals.

(2).Grinding fresh animal, plant and eucaryote microbes in the presence of excess dry-ice.  This process, which is called Cryogrinding, is commonly used to disrupt living cells for the recovery of high molecular weight DNA.

This process is an example of cryogrinding and can be applied to a wide range of plant and animal tissues as well as to yeast and fungus. The original tissue must have a high water content (~70%) in order to be powdered in the presence of dry-ice. The hard-frozen and brittle sample is powdered in seconds in the BCTG and the dry-ice, also powdered, is simply removed via sublimation by overnight storage in a freezer.  Cryogrinding is an excellent way to assure the stabilization of intercellular biochemicals during tissue size reduction.

  • Capacity: 1 - 10 g of soft tissue or packed microbial cells
  • Manual pulsed operation
  • Removable stainless steel polycarbonate grinding chamber
  • Top-shelf dishwasher safe and autoclavable
  • Compact size, L: 5 in, H: 9 in, W: 5 in
  • 120 volts, 60 Hz, 210 watts