BioClamp Tissue Press

The BioSpec Crusher ClampTM is designed to crush with high force small quantities of tissue (10 to 100 mg) into a porous cellulose filter paper.  Tissue cells are disrupted and the released DNA and RNA are stabilized and stored on the filter paper.  The Crusher Clamp is especially useful for gathering field samples for Agrigenomic studies.

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This special clamp is designed to crush, with very high force, small tissue samples (10 to 100 mg) into a porous sheet of cellulose filter paper  The filter paper is sandwiched inside a folded BioSpec DNA Sample CardTM, Afer the tissue sample is placed on the Card's filter paper the Card is folded closed and the Card is precisely inserted into the jaws of the Tissue Clamp.. A steel disc attached on the outside of the Card quickly and accurately engages a magnetic docking area on the Tissue Clamp.  The manual crushing of the tissue sample is completed in seconds.  Finally, the Card is air dried and the stabilized DNA sample is  transported to the laboratory for subsequent recovery of purified DNA from the filter paper and processing using PCR methodology.  For details on the binding DNA on filter paper and its recovery, free of inhibitors and ready for PCR amplification, see !!!!!!!!!!!


Agrigenomic Applicartions: DNA and RNA sampling of greenhouse or field.lef samples.