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Operating Instructions

The universal power supply is plugged into line current 115 volt AC and delivers 12 volt DC to the solid state cooling module.

Locate the MicroBioFridge on the laboratory bench where warm air generated by the unit can freely escape.  Set the switch on the module to 'cool'.  Two aluminum cooling cylinders in the module will take about one hour for the unit to cool to 4-8 °C.  Once there, it should maintain that temperature for as long as the MicroBioFridge is plugged in.

The cooling module can also be plugged into an automobile cigarette lighter socket for field work.  However, it draws quite of bit of current.  To avoid running the automobile battery down it should be used while the car motor is running.

This cooling device can decrease the temperature about 18 °Celsius below the surrounding (ambient) air temperature.  Thus, in an air conditioned room at 21-24 °C (70-75 °F) you can expect the device to provide refrigerator-like temperatures.  However, if the room or car in which the device is being operated is hotter, the MicroBioFridge will not achieve its targeted low temperature.